VREX Press Kit


VR Experts (VREX), founded in 2016, is the world's first VR Experts marketplaces, focusing on matching highly-skilled, pre-screened, experts with high-value projects from around the world in VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), MR (Mixed Reality), computer vision, AI, machine learning, and other related skill sets.

How VREX Works

Every project posted and every expert registered on the VREX platform undergo a review by the VREX team.

Experts include freelancers, small businesses, outsourcing companies and big studio outfits.

Projects range in size from small POCs with budgets of $5,000 to larger productions with budgets of $250k and above.

Once a project is posted and approved by VREX, real time notifications are sent to experts who match the project’s targeted requirements (skillset, experience, location, etc.)

Experts meeting the project’s cross section of requirements are then granted access to bid on the project, communicate directly with the client and, optionally, manage project communication, deliverables, files, team members and tasks directly via the private VREX workrooms.

Prior to selecting an expert, clients can review each expert’s profile, work history, portfolios, feedback & ratings and other data to make a well informed decision about which expert to choose.

Once the project, or one of its milestones, are complete the client can provide a detailed review and rating that is displayed on the expert’s profile publicly for other potential clients to review.

The VREX Brand

The VREX logo and name are registered trademarks and are protected by trademark and copyright laws.

VREX, short for VR Experts, is spelt in uppercase letters and is pronounced like the three letters V-R-X (not to be pronounced Vee-Rex). Please avoid any other spelling variation such as VRex, Vrex, v-rex or other deformations of our name.

You can always find the latest & greatest version of the VREX logo here. Please avoid copying or downloading our logo from other websites, Google images or other unofficial sources.

Please ensure at least 30px of padding around the logo when used on websites or print.


VREX is seeking meaningful partnerships that will bring value to the platform and its members while accelerating the company’s vision of connecting the world’s leading VR/AR experts with high value projects and opportunities from around the world.

Contact Information

For partnership inquiries please email partnerships@vrex.io.

For press inquiries please email press@vrex.io.