Tech companies are putting a lot of resources into developing great new ways for people to experience virtual reality content. As consumers, we are all getting pretty used to seeing swift technology developments and new products hitting the markets at rapid rates. Virtual reality is no exception, and as more consumers are interested in getting their hands on ways to experience virtual reality, companies are trying to keep up. This explains the flood of new announcements heralding the latest innovations from some of the most recognizable tech names in the industry. Here are just a few of the latest virtual reality announcements that are sure to be game changers in the field.


The New iMac

In addition to a whole host of other great features, it is being reported that the new iMac will support some of the latest VR tech. According to Gadgets 360, the newest version will have, “AMD graphics to support VR and Pro apps.”[1] They note that this is an interesting development given that Apple higher ups have backed augmented reality in the past, favoring it over virtual reality.[2] Perhaps Apple has seen the writing on the wall, and understands that not including support for virtual reality capabilities could be a big misstep. As more creative virtual content is being developed and released, it is important for them to give their customers the ability to use their devices to experience the content.


The Samsung Motion Controller

In order to entice customers to try a new Samsung phone, the company decided to sweeten the deal with virtual reality. If you decided to preorder one of the latest Samsung phones (only certain ones) you were also able to receive the Gear VR headset and the accompanying motion controller – totally free![3] Why was this such a big deal? Well, for one thing it was a free way to get your hands on some pretty awesome virtual reality gear. Another important reason is because it brought attention to the motion controller. Ars Technica explains why the controller is so important, “Equipped with an accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetic sensors, the controller will let users interact with VR content without fumbling for the headset’s onboard controls.”[4] It can be distracting to need to use the controls that typically come on a virtual reality headset, which can unfortunately take you out of the moment and remind you that it is a virtual environment. Having a controller helps you to meld more with the experience and will feel a lot more intuitive for many people to use. Obviously, this deal won’t last long but the controller is worth checking out.


The Quark VR Wireless Goal

This is one of the most interesting innovations being tested right now, because it can create a whole new way for people to interact with virtual content. GadgetsPost tells us why the wireless goal could be such a big deal, “The solution works in such a way that the content will be streaming live from the user’s PC to the wearable board that the user will be wearing on their belt.”[5] While the current prototype is apparently a bit clunky and could use some fine tuning, not being tethered is a big step forward. The GadgetsPost article also notes that this system can support a variety of headset models instead of just one. It remains to be seen how long it will take for Quark VR to take care of some of the less desirable aspects of the system, but once they are successful it promises to be a great new way to experience virtual reality.


Those are just a few of the big advancements coming up on the virtual reality horizon. As more technology is created and put in the hands of users, the companies will begin to understand a bit more about what people want and how they can meet those needs. Innovators are also thinking of newer ways to make virtual reality technology more accessible and easier to use, which will be incredibly helpful as more content is released. Getting just the right pace of creating new virtual reality products and developing incredible content to let the public experience these innovations will take time, but it certainly seems like the industry is on the right track.