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Fake Motion Blur Technique For Mobile Games.

Motionblur at runtime is very expensive in general , So when we talk about mobile hardware this means we need to find a work around . In this tutorial , I will share with you a simple technique we can use to add fake motion blur to a rotating Helicopter's Fan., using substance painter and unity "same apply for any game engine". I will keep it simple and short as possible.

VR Arcade Conference 2019 All Talks And Panels

Full Playlist of All Talks and Panels

Retail & eCommerce with AR

By: Zumoko
Augmented reality (AR) technology enables you to deliver the promotional message to your target group where and when its needed – at home, at work and everywhere in between.

AR Magazines

By: Zumoko
Let’s use your newspaper, magazine or other publication and make it Walk and Talk! Add a new layer of digital content to news articles, columns or printed ads. Engage your readers with exciting 3D visualizations and animations. Now you can offer advertisers campaigns with AR audiovisual content or interactive games overplayed over traditional printed ads.

Augmented Reality Marketing Campaigns

By: Zumoko
Use the power of augmented reality (AR) to create unique and interactive content which lets you reach a broader audience, capture their attention and ultimately multiply your sales channels. You can interact with your customers in real-time by merging real and virtual worlds.

Augmented reality Industrial Use Cases

By: Zumoko
Augmented Reality in manufacturing saves time, reduces errors and improves the quality of products in various industry verticals. Significant savings and quality improvements are achieved via AR assisted maintenance instructions and training, factory operations such as assembly instructions and quality control, remote assistance and 3D visualization / rapid prototyping.

Augmented Reality Architectural Visualization

By: Zumoko
Augmented Reality (AR) applications are the perfect tool for presenting your customer's real estate in a unique and impressive way by using new technologies. With a single touch, or with a voice command, they are able to explore all-angle AR models of any part of their interest.

VR/360- Where does the Past Fit In

A short look at the origins of consumer VR/360, what was good and forgotten and why it should be considered today!

Work in VR

By: KeswickVR
A software solution which utilizes virtual reality technology to extend our current working desktop environment

Virtual Reality - A Boon!!!

An Introduction to Virtual Reality.

How much does Architectural Visualization affect Real Estate Business?

Virtual Reality has disrupted the Real Estate for good. Read how:

VR as the next generation salesman

[Available in Italian only] Virtual reality has already proved to be a highly valuable advertising and marketing platform. Some major companies are already using it as a sales instrument. But what will be the uptake?

Disha House in Virtual Reality trend ...

Disha Hosue Contribution in VR trends...

Recent work in VR Training

Mobile VR Training with LMS backend

VR Museum Saves Lost Artifacts

Look On Media, working with The Economist and Rekrei, created an interactive virtual museum allowing users to learn and interact with destroyed art pieces and lost cultural artifacts. It is an innovative new way to preserve invaluable cultural heritage.

Virtual Reality Data Visualization

Visualize your data and information with interactive Virtual Reality applications to see more connections than with static 2D or 3D charts. A VR application prototype developed with the Unity Engine within 10 weeks.

React Native vs Cordova comparison

comparison between React native and Cordova

McDonald’s Race Team is Giving Fans the Virtual Reality Experience of Their Dreams

A brief rundown of how McDonald's and NEXT/NOW created a Virtual Reality fan experience that toured 10 cities.

Why 505VR

Some of the reasons why we think it is a good investmement to hire our resources.

Our interactive WebGL/WebVR website

www.thehybridforest.com With this website we wanted to convey the feeling of our agency and the values we hold. Our love of 3D and the beautiful Swedish nature helped inspire us to create the look and feel.
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