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Fake Motion Blur Technique For Mobile Games.

Motionblur at runtime is very expensive in general , So when we talk about mobile hardware this means we need to find a work around . In this tutorial , I will share with you a simple technique we can use to add fake motion blur to a rotating Helicopter's Fan., using substance painter and unity "same apply for any game engine". I will keep it simple and short as possible.

VR/360- Where does the Past Fit In

A short look at the origins of consumer VR/360, what was good and forgotten and why it should be considered today!

360 VR Story in 2-Minutes

More of a question for the community: there is endless literature on story structure and connecting with emotions through television advertisements, but we are a long way from "The 13 Plots" structure for 360 VR video. What is your guide?

Virtual Reality - A Boon!!!

An Introduction to Virtual Reality.

How much does Architectural Visualization affect Real Estate Business?

Virtual Reality has disrupted the Real Estate for good. Read how:

Virtual Reality Data Visualization

Visualize your data and information with interactive Virtual Reality applications to see more connections than with static 2D or 3D charts. A VR application prototype developed with the Unity Engine within 10 weeks.

Philippe LAPEYRIE Discovers a Virtual Wine World

Wine World Mixed & Augmented Reality experience

We are vrisch

By: vrisch
Problems we are solving, our solution, a short business model, team background and tracktion

Zen and the Art of Falling from Great Heights

At its physical extremes, VR initiates us into timeless truths

What problem are you solving?

How VR can shape the Entertainment Industry.

Unity3D - ajusta tu juego o app mientras se ejecuta en el móvil.

Dedicado a los desarrolladores de juegos para VR. Ajusta tu juego o app mientras se ejecuta en el móvil.
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