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How AR/VR/MR can influence the automotive business world

By: Zumoko
Mixed reality can lead to great success starting from design through the manufacturing, marketing, and sales. Step into the new age of Industry 4.0 with custom Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies.

360 VR Story in 2-Minutes

More of a question for the community: there is endless literature on story structure and connecting with emotions through television advertisements, but we are a long way from "The 13 Plots" structure for 360 VR video. What is your guide?

Recent work in VR Training

Mobile VR Training with LMS backend

VR Museum Saves Lost Artifacts

Look On Media, working with The Economist and Rekrei, created an interactive virtual museum allowing users to learn and interact with destroyed art pieces and lost cultural artifacts. It is an innovative new way to preserve invaluable cultural heritage.

Virtual Reality Data Visualization

Visualize your data and information with interactive Virtual Reality applications to see more connections than with static 2D or 3D charts. A VR application prototype developed with the Unity Engine within 10 weeks.


Using gamification and virtual reality to learn history in schools seems a very good idea and has proven to work really great.

Philippe LAPEYRIE Discovers a Virtual Wine World

Wine World Mixed & Augmented Reality experience

Workplan For Launching New Products

The important steps for successful launching of new products

McDonald’s Race Team is Giving Fans the Virtual Reality Experience of Their Dreams

A brief rundown of how McDonald's and NEXT/NOW created a Virtual Reality fan experience that toured 10 cities.

Unity3D - ajusta tu juego o app mientras se ejecuta en el móvil.

Dedicado a los desarrolladores de juegos para VR. Ajusta tu juego o app mientras se ejecuta en el móvil.

Unity connection

Unity3D - Reproducir audio y video 360 con EMT en dispositivos móviles (Google VR)
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