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Newest Projects

Need a freelancer for Facial Recognition expert for Beauty Brand
We are looking for a freelancer to build out facial recognition//tracking on our website. More specifically the eye area for virtual try-on​ and measure the eyelash line.
Arduino to Unity
Education with Arduino and Unity. There are assets on the market to control Arduino from Unity like Ardunity (We love it).Unfortunately they are not really supported and not flexible enough.We like to create scripts for Unity and Arduino to communicate with each other. A simple example: a trigger event in Unity is activating a led on Arduino or a pushbutton on Arduino is activating a rotating cube in unity.We are looking to create easy prefabs (scripts) with adjustable values for input etc.and compatible Arduino code (about four examples/prefabs).
3D Skills
Need a freelancer for an Avatar Virtual real estate agent
I need a avatar that has to represent a virtual real estate agent. It should be very smooth and of good quality. We would also want it to speek, move lips, we will provide a short dialog in spanish. an example to give you an idea: Please bid and let me know your budget.
Development Platform
Looking for ARKIT3 expert
Looking for someone with deep practical experience developing AR apps using the new ARKIT3 (and Core ML).
Need a freelancer for virtual tours
i make virtual tours for my potential clients. However i have to turn my screen around to show them and click around with my mouse. i would like to have a vr set on the table so i can show them. i also want to see what is being displayed on the vr set so i can talk about the aprt/property. i would like to have a platform where all my photographers can upload our vr tour footage. Than id like a different page for my realtors to have there own interface so they can easily sort all the properties by size, bathrooms bedrooms....eventually id like to send my employees out to other real-estate companies and sell the platform as a service.
Technical Skills
Need a freelancer for writing a shader script
Writing Shader script We work with Unity and need to create very realistic material with texture and lighting for a jewelry ( gems and metals ) lineup. We are starting off with 3 materials now but will have more work as we progress. Need an expert for writing shader scripts for unity using C#. Please send us samples of work for such products that you have done .
Interactive VR animation
Hello, We are looking for a VR developer partner. Our project aims to develop a VR-based training course on global health. At this stage we are developing a prototype which will be a 10-15 minute module focused on Ebola outbreak in a low-income country setting. We have the script and need to develop a VR application. The prototype will be presented at the scientific conference in Chicago in March 2019, and will be tested at several universities (master of global health programs). After the prototype, we plan to develop the full course and will be applying for the EU funding of 2.5 million Euros. We have funding (limited) available for the Ebola prototype. There are 4 Units in the prototype script, each on a different theme, but the training module flows non-stop (i.e. there are no interruptions or pause between the "units"). There are several IT techniques required: video editing, video conversion from 2D to 3D/360 immersive, developing 3D animated models, developing interactive immersive environment etc. Please let me know if you will be able to work on a such project. If so, I would like to discuss possible collaboration. Please indicate your tel number, I will be glad to give you a call. My email: Kind regards, George Shakarishvili, MD, PhD, MPH Institute of Global Health Tbilisi, Georgia
Need a freelancer for tensorflow machine deep learning
Heating and cooling and power management project for industrial Building.

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