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Newest Projects

Need a freelance SceneKit specialist (dev + design)
Looking for SceneKit unicorn. Should be proficient in 3D modeling, dev, and basic lighting set-ups. Projects will be about 2 weeks in timeline. 20 hours/week. Part of an ongoing pipeline that includes about 1 project per month. Please include CVs and/or examples of work.
Unreal Engine Developer (modeling, terrain, textures) Need a CG artist that is experienced in Maya 3D and Unreal Engine 4. We have some existing models that need imported from Maya/CAD (obj, dgn) to Unreal Engine. The texture maps need replaced for realism. Also need the terrain and landscape completed. Deliverables are a complete 3D level we can navigate on a PC (also XBOX, PS).
Computer Vision
Need a freelancer for hardware and programming for realsense modules
Basically we need portable hardware solution for realsense scanning solution we need. 2--- scanners to work together to create a full large scan 1 sense looking down at 2 meters one looking up at floor level. utilising the realsense system example 1--- hardware solution to process the data, ie protable pc like intel nuc or rasberry pi etc. Ideally the software/processing solution wont need any interface for usual operation (other than a few confirmation lights) and output of scan into stl format. please only those with expert experience apply, this project will/may also expand into other areas.
Need a freelancer for tensorflow machine deep learning
Heating and cooling and power management project for industrial Building.
360 walkthrough platform OR webvr OR krpano
Hello, I need to speak to someone who is good with OR webvr OR krpano This would lead to a project developing a 360 walkthrough platform. Thanks
3D Skills
Need a freelancer for long term 3d charachter animation
Hello I am in need of an 3d model animator, basically I can supply the ready rigged 3d models and just need someone to add movement and motion to these I will be needing to make real life movies with 3d charachter a within them Need someone who can rig, animate and some texture skills needed. Let me know Budget is not too large to start with but as I grow so will you.

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