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Newest Projects

Need a freelancer for an Unreal Engine project.
SIBERIAN HUSKY – UNREAL ENGINE PROJECT The brief is to create a dog that we need to bring into virtual reality for a VR experience where the user is someone walking around their home and interacting with the dog. We will be providing you a model of a siberian husky, which is rigged and an unreal engine asset of a dog that we have bought from the marketplace. Our requirement is for you to be able to replace the unreal engine dog with the husky with the animations listed below. We will be providing references for each of the animtions . Additionally, We would require you to provide the sounds in the unreal project as well. Walking - - (The entire walk cycle) Sitting - 0:16 – 0:21 Please include transitions between walking sitting and getting up as well. Rolling over - 0:00 – 0:08 (please make this a loopable animation) Wagging tail excitedly - 1:00 Wagging tail and barking - Fetching or picking up an object with it's mouth - 0:30. Another video for the same 0:16 – 0:21 Being petted - 0:02 and 0:48 (dog must be sitting for this action) Tired, drooping walk - (not in slow-mo like the video) 0:01 – 0:12 Jumping excitedly - 0:59 - 1:04 sec Standing stationary and breathing ( 1:17 - 1:22 sec)
1st VR conference in Ecuador
We organize corporate events. Corporate events have not changed in format for many years and I think it is time they changed. Why should anyone move towards the conference when the conference could come to you? We would like to organize a first corporate event on emerging technologies in Ecuador where participants use VR to experience it from the comfort of their offices or homes. We would like for this event to be unique but we are not sure where to start. We need a vr expert to guide us.
Technical Skills
Need mechanical sketches
Technical Skills
a little directx for a custom operating system
hello , first the job not begin now , i only want prices and precisions about my project before begin the project . i want to create from scratch a little directx , exactly the same architecture , but more little and this little directx is for playing games . i don't know how to begin but my requirement is to display 3d games like this game :
Need a freelancer for tensorflow machine deep learning
Heating and cooling and power management project for industrial Building.
3D Skills
Need a freelancer for long term 3d charachter animation
Hello I am in need of an 3d model animator, basically I can supply the ready rigged 3d models and just need someone to add movement and motion to these I will be needing to make real life movies with 3d charachter a within them Need someone who can rig, animate and some texture skills needed. Let me know Budget is not too large to start with but as I grow so will you.

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