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Development Platform
Need a freelancer for quick ARKIT job.
I need a small DEMO based on ARkit, please apply to this only if you have some practical experience with ARkit. I will provide full description in private.
Freelancer Needed for Vive Experience
Hello! My name is Alex and I am an advertising freelancer in Romania. I have a project coming up which involves using HTC Vive interactions and controllers for a recycling company. The idea is to build a simple but nicely polished Vive app that would instruct people, in a funny nice way, how to dispose of their litter, mostly batteries. The game should offer the user 2 virtual hands and a table in front of them with 3-4 different battery types and in front of the table there should be 3-4 recycling bins. The user must pick up each battery and throw it in its paired litter-bin, thus accumulating points for each correct shot. The experience should last no longer than 1 minute, and upon all the above, the user WILL NOT use the teleportation option, just have a fixed location and a 3d environment around him (low poly or something not very time demanding). Please let me know if it is possible to work with you on this project, as I have chose to approach you by your ratings! Do tell me the following: -what is the cost I am looking at -what is the time-frame you could build the first version of the app? Thank you ! Kind regards, Alex.
Development Platform
Unity Software Engineer - Virtual Reality
Experienced Software Engineer with C# and Unity engine experience needed for full time position based in Los Angeles. Primary Responsibilities End-to-end development of new features from concept to deployment Write reusable, high performance code for our Unity 3D application using C# Integrate Unity application with API Constantly iterate and optimize application Requirements: At least 3 years of professional experience developing Unity3D applications, with at least 2 shipped video games or software titles Unity VR experience Experience with integrating to REST APIs Experience delivering commercial grade Unity applications Ability to excel in a startup environment – able to take on new responsibilities quickly and independently Strong sense of ownership and accountability for the products that you create Strong initiative and ability to work independently Excellent communication skills
3D Skills
Need a Game Designer for Pet Game.
I'm looking for a Game Designer to join a team building a VR Pet game like Nintendogs. Prefer work onsite (San Mateo CA) but might consider remote work depends on the person.
Need a Permanent Technical Artist in London for VFX project within Entertainment
Technical Artist One of the world's leading visual effects (VFX) studios focused on advertising and film industries is searching for a talented Technical Artist. They are constantly looking for the best talent in the world, enthusiastic people that come in everyday to be a part of some of the best work in the industry. Their teams in London, and throughout our global network of studios, produce creative, visually stunning and technically challenging VFX and digital projects of the highest quality, and they are looking for candidates with a desire to be involved in the success of these projects. They are currently looking for a talented and creative Technical Artist to join their Interactive team. They produce a wide range of high-profile interactive and digital projects for their clients including immersive VR and AR games and experiences and they are looking for an experienced Technical Artist with real-time 3D experience to build assets and environments for these projects. The Technical Artist will need the following Qualifications: • Strong knowledge of Maya and Unity/Unreal Engines • Strong creative and technical abilities • Ability to take a project from concept to final product • Experience modeling both high and low poly objects • Experience creating environments • Previous experience in advertising campaign life cycle would be a bonus • Previous experience in interactive projects would be a bonus • Good communication skills and the ability to work well in a team environment This is a great opportunity for a talented Technical Artist to take on an exciting position at a global innovator within entertainment, and work with some of the most talented people within this area of specialism. If you feel this opportunity could be for you, apply today for more details.
Permanent Lisp / Clojure Specialist
Senior Lisp Developer – Clojure / Senior Clojure Developer / Lead Clojure Developer $160,000 - $260,000 depending on experience A stealth mode company is seeking a very experienced Senior Lisp / Clojure Developer to join a founding team of greatly talented developers working to leverage game development skills and VR in a very unique and exciting way, that is sure to be a game changer in this area. As Senior Lisp / Clojure Developer you will work with the CTO, and other founding members to deliver features that make this product/proposition both magical and practical. The ideal Senior Lisp / Clojure Developer candidate should be intellectually curious, mathematically-oriented, positive-minded and a passionate Clojure developer. Most of all they want people who are fun to work with and as passionate about solving hard yet exciting problems as they are. The ideal Senior Lisp / Clojure Developer will have the following skills and experience: • 3-5 years of experience programming in a functional language • Outstanding experience of Lisp, ideally Clojure • 10+ years experience in software development • A highly mathematical mind • Ability to write efficient, clear, and maintainable code • Highly motivated self-starter and team player • Ideally a Masters in Computer Science or equivalent The company is based in San Francisco and offering the opportunity to join the exceptional founding team of a very exciting product and business as well as a very competitive salary. If you think you are the right Senior Lisp / Clojure Developer for the role, you should apply today for further details.

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