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Newest Projects

Need a freelancer for small POC
2 week project on 2 week POC , to set up environment with basic integration with existing services.
Interactive VR animation
Hello, We are looking for a VR developer partner. Our project aims to develop a VR-based training course on global health. At this stage we are developing a prototype which will be a 10-15 minute module focused on Ebola outbreak in a low-income country setting. We have the script and need to develop a VR application. The prototype will be presented at the scientific conference in Chicago in March 2019, and will be tested at several universities (master of global health programs). After the prototype, we plan to develop the full course and will be applying for the EU funding of 2.5 million Euros. We have funding (limited) available for the Ebola prototype. There are 4 Units in the prototype script, each on a different theme, but the training module flows non-stop (i.e. there are no interruptions or pause between the "units"). There are several IT techniques required: video editing, video conversion from 2D to 3D/360 immersive, developing 3D animated models, developing interactive immersive environment etc. Please let me know if you will be able to work on a such project. If so, I would like to discuss possible collaboration. Please indicate your tel number, I will be glad to give you a call. My email: Kind regards, George Shakarishvili, MD, PhD, MPH Institute of Global Health Tbilisi, Georgia
Augmented Reality App Design & Development
Seeking freelancers to form a team of AR app designers and developers. Must speak good english and have expert level skills. Opportunity for long term work.
Fix 360 degree photo quality in Unity
We have one issue with rendering 360 degrees photos in Unity. The original image in 8k resolution also does not look crisp when seen from Unity application. We have tried unity's support of 360 photos as well as third party plugins but still quality is not as we see from Oculus photos or other apps. Need a VR expert to help us fix this 360 image quality issue and we will involve you in many of our projects as we keep expanding our local and remote teams.
Poster with Blippar AR content
Create Blippar integration with 2 printed posters (estimated aprox 10 targets). Content: - Youtube videos - 3D objects
The Legend of Zelda/Link
The following link provides a good indication of what I would like: I am looking for someone to make something similar to this standard in Zbrush
Augmented Reality Game Development and App Development
Invisible Fiction is leading company for virtual reality game development in ahmedabad. It usually is a value added process, so a majority of our customers are manufacturers themselves, who use metal as a basic material for constructing their own end-products, like machines and structures from various raw materials. A fab shop will begin its work, usually based on the engineering drawings, and if awarded the contract will build the product to a varying stage of completion.
A-Frame WebVR and Virtual Realty
This is the first step of a larger project. At this point the winner of the project will work with me to define the technology we will use and create some dummy examples of it and do some research on key points (if necessary). As a summary, (on Previous develops) we create a system we can take several photos on the same object or room, then we can get images coordinates point we can reconstructo a 3D modelon object and finally we can export them. Now as the main goal for this project is create a view and manage functionality useing Aframe and webvr At this point the candidate should be very familiar with AFrame
Need a freelancer for tensorflow machine deep learning
Heating and cooling and power management project for industrial Building.

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