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Newest Projects

Need a freelancer to fix a Template
To fix a Template the way I want it..... It's a demo but I need to know that the YOU can work on and change what I need to change even though it's a template... This Is Dating Site Admin New Age Please, see what I need to do are NOT building a website you are altering, changing, editing this terrible Template... Web Development Homepage Add: Affiliates and/or Banners, Advertising, Contact Us, at Top Change image to beach image, fix logo, change background color to beige, Add Complaint Section: Add Responding To Ads: $4.99 1 response w'out the Silver, Gold, Platinum Add: Option to pay for another member or donate tokens Payment Integration / Paypal & Credit Cards/Debit Card, Discover & Checking Account Options Fix Capitalization. throughout website only where Subjects or Titles exist Top Support Stays, Add Affiliates and/or Banners, Advertising, Contact Us (will have 4/5 emails with information I can add to this Section Bottom, Terms Of Service | FAQ's | Beaware Tips, Memberships, Privacy, Complaints My Profile Section / Things You Should Know & About My Match, box should be as big as the About Me under Basic, So, In The Forum section I want to add notes in General Section, updated with the Titles...I need to be able to go in there and type description of Topic resize logo 64kb sent to me and fix logo without white background make larger on website main page There's also an Affiliate section we can enable so it shows up at the top but I only want to use the Banners unless we just use the Banners section because that's an option that can be enabled also.... this is for advertising (Invite Friends section) at top should say Invite Single Friends. Add Security Certificate NEED A FLAT RATE QUOTE>>>>>>>>
Consultant for new startup
We are building VR platform for 360 films and videos We are looking for a VR business cunsutent
Technical Skills
Need mechanical sketches
Technical Skills
a little directx for a custom operating system
hello , first the job not begin now , i only want prices and precisions about my project before begin the project . i want to create from scratch a little directx , exactly the same architecture , but more little and this little directx is for playing games . i don't know how to begin but my requirement is to display 3d games like this game :
Need a freelancer for tensorflow machine deep learning
Heating and cooling and power management project for industrial Building.
3D Skills
Need a freelancer for long term 3d charachter animation
Hello I am in need of an 3d model animator, basically I can supply the ready rigged 3d models and just need someone to add movement and motion to these I will be needing to make real life movies with 3d charachter a within them Need someone who can rig, animate and some texture skills needed. Let me know Budget is not too large to start with but as I grow so will you.

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VREX makes it simple and easy to connect with the world's leading VR, AR, computer vision and 3d experts in hundreds of categories, sectors, development platforms and skill sets.


Regardless of whether you're new to the world of virtual reality, augmented reality and computer vision, or a ninja with 200 years of experience, VREX will help you land your next big VR job. Registering on VREX is quick and easy and you can start accessing the industries hottest projects right away.


If you're a company or an individual looking for help from top notch VR talent, VREX allows you to find the most experienced experts for your job. All you have to do is describe your project requirements to start connecting with the industry's leading VR experts.