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Need a freelancer for visual special effects for music video
Hi. I'm looking for someone to add some special effects to a music video. I want to have lines of light/color streaming out of specific places in the video. Particularly mouths of people and different instruments. I want something similar to the following video: The light/color I want to come out of someone's mouth should be more multi-colored, and look similar to the Windows 7 ribbon screen saver: The film that the effects will be added to has not yet been shot. I need a quote first. There will be about 2 minutes of film to add effects to. In those two minutes, there will be 3 or 4 "scenes" to add the effect to. 1. Color ribbons coming off of drum hits. 2. Color ribbons coming off of 1st guitar strumming. 3. Color ribbons coming off of 2nd guitar strumming. 4. Color ribbons coming out of someone's mouth. Please provide a quote for this project.
3D Skills
(3D ANIMATOR, TEXTURE, RIGGING ONLY!) - the rest I can do myself Hi I'm in need of an animation person whom can animate , rig and texture 3d models ready built supplied by me. I will be using adobe after effects to mix the 3d animated scenes of the 3d model/character with real life shots. Her is an example of what I will be creating and the finished products, u will be required to do what the Pokémon charachter does in the video (walk cycles, run cycles etc etc) My budget will be smaller for the first 6 weeks and then double budget for salary or "per video" (however suits you)
3D Skills
Need a freelancer for long term 3d charachter animation
Hello I am in need of an 3d model animator, basically I can supply the ready rigged 3d models and just need someone to add movement and motion to these I will be needing to make real life movies with 3d charachter a within them Need someone who can rig, animate and some texture skills needed. Let me know Budget is not too large to start with but as I grow so will you.
3D Skills
Need a Game Designer for Pet Game.
I'm looking for a Game Designer to join a team building a VR Pet game like Nintendogs. Prefer work onsite (San Mateo CA) but might consider remote work depends on the person.

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